The Notebook

Não sou grande fã de filmes românticos/lamechas. Mas The Notebook é uma excepção. É a versão em filme do livro "O Diário de Uma Paixão" (de Nicholas Sparks) e um dos melhores filmes que já vi.

This amazing love story can be enjoyed by all. The Notebook is not one of those cheesy chick flicks that often come out, it is a brilliantly written intriguing story about two young lovers that most people can relate to.

Even most males will agree that this movie pulls at your heart strings. Filled with fabulous quotes, and sentimental moments I found this movie to be one of the best I've seen. I got to know both main characters and found myself relating to each of them. Most of us remember our first love and that strong connection we had with them. This movie makes us think of what could have been and gives us a fresh look at the meaning of true love. I recommend this movie to anyone with a heart.